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My Community Business is where you will find everything about your South African community organisations, businesses and security issues that affect your local community. We bring it all to you in one place. Click on the links below to go to your interest pages:




Why Free Webpages on My Community Business Security?

We believe that the more informed the community is the better it gets. we want to have as many Organisations, Churches, Sports Clubs, Schools and Businesses on the site. This will enable the community to support these institutions in their own community.


We will bring you the info about your local organisations like your:

·         Sports clubs,

·         Dance clubs,

·         Swimming clubs,

·         Youth organisations,

·         Churches, and more.

We will list your local:

·         Businesses,

·         Gyms,

·         Police forums,

·         Crime issues and

·         Local Police news.

Your Community, Business, Club or Organisation not listed? Be a pioneer. List it here!

Are you a local artist, crafter or hobbyist? Write an article on your hobby, put up pictures...for free. It’s like having your own website. Add a new article daily, weekly, monthly, as you like. Build a following, give hints and tips, create a community of artists, crafters or hobbyists. Sell your creations online.

Clubs, Organizations, Associations and NGOs in the community, let us know who you are, by writing an article telling the community who you are and what you do in the Community. Let's make the community aware of your involvement in community like Rhino Poaching, Homeless Families and Health Issues etc.


Do you run a business in the community? Go Here and tell the community who you are and what you do. Leave your contact details so that they can contact you.

Do you know of a business that you are comfortable dealing with? Leave a comment on their page. If they have no page, Go to your community page to tell everyone about them. (No Community page? Go Here and have it listed)

Go To our Resources section and get help from specialists in all matters business; 

  • OHS,
  • ISO,
  • Legal,
  • HR,
  • Training,
  • Accounting,
  • Business Development,
  • Marketing,
  • Starting a Business,
  • Documentation and more. 


"My Community Business Security" provides advice on all things Security :

  • In the community
  • At work
  • At home

and we discuss :

  • Alarms
  • CCTV cameras
  • Guards and more.

The practice of believing that the State, Provincial Government, Municipality or anyone else are responsible for your security is a sure recipe for disaster. Your security is ultimately your responsibility.

Need Security? Use the Security assessment workbook to first assess your security and then identify where your week points are. Research the Security providers and ensure that your choice is registered with the Security Body, has the resources to provide the services that they offer.  It is also important that they have an extensive client base in the area and that they have been in the community for a long time.

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