Housebreaking In S A

Housebreaking in S A- "I was in my house asleep upstairs. The gate was locked, all the doors were locked and the alarm was off because we never switch it on during the day. 2 or more people broke into the house, they found me sleeping upstairs. They decided to shoot me, I pleaded with them to just go away". I hid in the bathroom and a moment later they had left the bedroom with my iPad  mac-book pro, cellphones, Acer laptop, playstation 3..., and downstairs they grabbed the new Plasma TV and some more laptops.

Are you one of the statistics in South Africa that has a story like this? I certainly hope not, but many South Africans are, and often they have more than one story like this. They are the lucky ones, the ones that were not there or who lived to tell the tale! How many are unlucky and do not live to tell the tale?

I have written about this subject before but it deserves revisiting it when you see the Photos submitted by Johan Lucas, of Lucas and Associates, Who also has multiple tales to tell in this regard. 

In suburban parts of South Africa, it is normal to see homes with burglar bars on every window and a security gate on every door. Most families - if they can afford to - also employ a private security service, which will patrol the area, monitor the house’s alarm system and provide armed response 24 hours a day to a housebreaking.

 As I have mentioned before, all these measures are no more than a deterrent and you should not rely on them as being infallible. They deter the opportunist criminal. The professional will find a way in, no matter the risk, if he believes the reward is great enough.

Why Not Trust Your Safety Precautions?

A Picture Says a Thousand Words...Here are 8000 Words in Pictures.

For those that sleep with their windows open at night to ponder.

The size of the opening where the "accused" went through is less than the size of an A4 sheet of Paper!

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