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This page is the entry point into your local Business community where you will find community organisations, what they offer your community and where you can find articles and advice about, and for, your community.

In these tough economic times, it is rare to find anything for nothing, but not impossible. The aim of this site is to promote local entrepreneurs  in the communities in which they are situated, specifically the small enterprises that do not have the budget for advertising campaigns that the corporates have.


Go to the right column, Select your area from the list and go directly to your community pages. Write an article about yourself , telling the community about your products or services and why they should support you. Add photos, give them advice, show them your specials.

If your community is not listed, go there and list it. It take 5 minutes and is FREE.  list your community HERE.


Once your community is listed, go here to list your business.


Is your community not listed? Click here and fill in the form. We will add your community to the list and you can add your organisation directly ( and I will give you a special extra for your page for listing your community). Once the community is listed, you can add your own articles and create a following. Advertise your service or goods for free by just writing a short article about them. Advertise your wares by writing about them, adding photos and highlighting specials.

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Are you up to date with Occupational Health and Safety? You should be or you should seek help. You, as the owner, are the person held liable for any accident/incident on your premises. It could see you in Court. Make sure that you are up to date in the legal minefield of business. Don’t know where to start? Send us your concerns here and we will address it through an article on the site. Cannot wait for the article? Look up the experts in your area on your community’s index.

Get to know your customers, ask their opinions by setting up a community survey. They know what they want! So tell us what you want here.

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