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Hercules Local Business community can Write articles, advertise specials and give advice to entice the local residents to support their local businesses. You can even host a free webpage here.

The secret is not to Advertise...Advertise....Advertise but to give useful information to the local community so that they get to know and trust you and understand that you can provide them with what they need.

Market Local - Sell Local

What good is marketing to your business when 80% of it reaches people  in areas where they would not support you. You will also find that there are usually two, three or more of your competitors advertising in the same publication, so why must people support you?

The trick is to tell them why they should support you, via a Unique Selling Proposition. If you don't tell them via your USP at every opportunity, they will either not know about you, know that you are off their route or be of the opinion that everyone's products are the same! Develop a USP now and market locally for local, continuous support from your community.

Train Your Staff

Contrary to popular belief, most people need to be trained in sales to become effective sales people. They also need to know how to use your USP and Sales personnel are notorious for making up their own "Catch Phrases"! Training all staff on how to use the USP is essential.

Market Special Deals

Have special deals. This does not mean that you lose money, on the contrary, it can make you a lot more. Lets look at a Hair Salon.

Their chairs are not full every day of the week. Like most businesses they have slow days (or slow moving products in other businesses). So let us presume that Mondays and Tuesdays are their slow days where they maybe fill 1 chair all day, the other two chairs are not used. Would it not be worth while running a "Special...25% Off" campaign. These sales could be by appointment only and the only appointments open are for Mondays and Tuesdays. 


Hey Presto, Full Chairs....or at least one extra chair filled for the two days. that's a 75% increase in sales for 8 days a month! Do specials make Sense.....NO, they make Rands ....Lots of them.

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Hercules Local Business Forum

Are you a member of the Hercules Business Forum? No? well that is probably because we do not have one, but do we need one? Would it not be beneficial to us all if we could communicate issues on Crime, Power cuts, Potholes and other issues that affect our Businesses with "the powers that be".

If you agree with the idea, please go here to complete the support register. When we have 25 interested Businesses, we can make a decision on the way forward....

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